Read Christie 2023

In 2023, I will be participating in the Read Christie 2023 Reading Challenge hosted by The Home of Agatha Christie (#ReadChristie2023), in which one novel will be read each month that focuses on methods and motives in Agatha Christie stories.

January – Sad Cypress, a Hercule Poirot Mystery (Theme – Jealousy)

February – Partners in Crime, a Tommy and Tuppence Short Story Collection (Theme – Blunt Object)

March – The Moving Finger, a Miss Jane Marple Mystery (Theme – Anger)

April – Sparkling Cyanide, a Colonel Race Mystery (Theme – Poison)

May – TBR (Theme – Betrayal)

June – They Do It with Mirrors, a Miss Jane Marple Mystery (Theme – Gunshot)

July – Evil Under the Sun, a Hercule Poirot Mystery (Theme – Love and Lust)

August – Death Comes as the End (Theme – Fall from a Height)

September – Appointment with Death, a Hercule Poirot Mystery (Theme – Hatred)

October – TBR (Theme – Stabbing)

November – Endless Night (Theme – Greed)

December – Sleeping Murder, a Miss Jane Marple Mystery (Theme – Strangulation)

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