Sad Cypress by Dame Agatha Christie (a review)

Title: Sad Cypress
Author: Dame Agatha Christie
Published: 17 March 2009
Publisher: William Morrow
Series: A Hercule Poirot Mystery
Date Read: 3 January 2023
Format: eBook
Source: Scribd
Genre: Mystery
Sub-genre: Vintage Mystery
My Rating: 5
GoodReads’ Rating: 3.9
Other Books by Author: 
Hercule Poirot Mysteries, Miss Jane Marple Mysteries, Inspector Battle Mysteries, Tommy and Tuppence Mysteries, and Stand-alone Mysteries

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First Sentence:
“Elinor Katherine Carlisle. You stand charged upon this indictment with the murder of Mary Gerrard upon the 27th of July last. Are you guilty of not guilty?”


If you have a desire to write a mystery novel, then Sad Cypress by Dame Agatha Christie is the perfect textbook for you to use in plotting and outlining your whodunit.

This Hercule Poirot Mystery is written in three books.

In Book 1, we become acclimated and familiar with our surroundings and environment, as well as the people and personalities that inhabit the quaint English village.

In Book 2, Hercule Poirot makes his appearance and undertakes the investigation of the murder that has been committed. In the narrative of Book 2, Poirot delves deeply into the mechanics of the crime and the psyches of those persons involved within the sphere of the crime. As in most good mysteries, there are red herrings scattered throughout the story line.

Book 3, culminates in a courtroom scene where evidence is presented along with Poirot’s illuminations of the crime and his startling and extremely satisfying solution.

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