Dune: A Chronological Reading

Hunting Harkonnens (short story)

The Butlerian Jihad

Whipping Mek (short story)

The Machine Crusade

The Faces of a Martyr (short story)

The Battle of Corrin

The Sisterhood of Dune

Mentats of Dune

Red Plague (short story)

Navigators of Dune

House Atreides

House Harkonnen

Blood and Water (stand-alone excerpt from House Harkonnen)

House Corrino

Wedding Silk (short story)

Paul of Dune (part II)

Fremen Justice (stand-alone excerpt from House Corrino)

Paul of Dune (part IV)

Paul of Dune (part VI)

The Winds of Dune (part II)

The Sands of Dune

The Duke of Caladan

The Lady of Caladan

The Heir of Caladan


A Whisper of Caladan Seas (short story)

The Waters of Kanly (short story in Infinite Stars, edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt)

Paul of Dune (part I)

Paul of Dune (part III)

Paul of Dune (part V)

Paul of Dune (part VII)

The Winds of Dune (part IV)

The Road to Dune (short story)

Dune Messiah

The Winds of Dune (part I)

The Winds of Dune (part III)

The Winds of Dune (part V)

Children of Dune

God Emperor of Dune

Heretics of Dune

Chapterhouse: Dune

Sea Child (short story)

Hunters of Dune

Treasure in the Sand (short story)

Sandworms of Dune


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