Death by Dumpling by Vivien Chien (a review)

Title: Death by Dumpling
Author: Vivien Chien
Published: 27 March 2018
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Series: A Noodle Shop Mystery
Date Read: 7 January 2023
Format: eBook
Source: Own
Genre: Mystery
Sub-genre: Cozy Mystery
My Rating: 4
GoodReads’ Rating: 3.7
Other Books by Author: 
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First Sentence: 
You know in the movies where someone says “You can’t fire me, I quit!:…maybe don’t do that in real life.


I have a particular sweet tooth for cozy mysteries, and I have a great love of Chinese food, so it was only a matter of time before I stumbled upon the Noodle Shop Mysteries by Vivien Chien, which I learned about through the amazing and constantly updated Cozy Mystery List.

The first book in the Noodle House Mystery Series introduces us to the Asia Village strip mall, owned and operated by Thomas Feng, and its many vendors and customers. One of the shops in Asia Village is the Ho-Lee Noodle House ran by Betty Lee and her family. As the book opens, Betty’s daughter, Lana, abruptly quits her job and ends up waitressing in her family’s Noodle House.

After delivering a lunch order to Mr. Feng, Asia Village soon learns Mr. Feng has died as a result of a shellfish allergy. The Ho-Lee Noodle House and its cook, Peter, quickly become the prime suspects. Lana has known Peter since childhood and convinced of his innocence, undertakes amateur sleuthing in order to solve the crime and clear the name and reputation of her friend and co-worker.

One of my most favorite parts of the book was getting to know all of the vendors and customers of Asia Village from the Mahjong Mavens who breakfast each morning at the Noodle House to Mr. Zhang, the octogenarian purveyor of medicinal herbs, they all are wonderfully crafted characters who breathe great life into the narrative of the mystery.

I greatly enjoyed Death by Dumpling and look forward to reding the rest of the series.


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