Bible Study Deep Dive by Tim Wildsmith


  1. Read the entire text in one siting in a version that you love.
  2. Listen to an audio version of the text (YouVersion app, DWELL app, etc.)
  3. View book overview on
  4. Use a Bible Introduction, i.e.
    1. The New Testament In Its World by NT. Wright and Michael F. Bird
    2. The New Testament: A Historical and Theological Introduction by Donald A. Hagner


  1. Study one chapter at a time, slowly.
  2. Take notes in your Bible or in a journal as you study each chapter.
  3. Use commentaries following each chapter.
    1. First, use an accessible commentary, such as N.T. Wright’s Everyone Commentary Series.
    2. Next, use an academic commentary series (see


  1. Anything you highlighted or underlined, copy into an electronic document or a physical journal.
  2. Reflect on the following questions:
    1. What have I learned from reading this text?
    2. What has God taught me from the text?
    3. What is my response to the text?
  3. Give the text one more reading in one sitting.

Daniel Study Guide

Audio Material

J. Vernon McGee’s Thru the Bible

Introduction to Daniel

Daniel 1:2-13

Daniel 1:14-2:1

Daniel 2:2-23

Daniel 2:24-39

Daniel 2:40-44

Daniel 2:44-3:2

Daniel 3:3-16

Daniel 3:17-30

Daniel 4:1-10, 17

Daniel 4:10-22

Daniel 4:22-37

Daniel 5:1-19

Daniel 5:20-31

Daniel 6:1-23

Daniel 7:1-4

Daniel 7:1-6

Daniel 7:7-13

Daniel 7:13-23

Daniel 7:24-28

Daniel 8:1-13

Daniel 8:13-27

Daniel 9:1-19

Daniel 9:20-27

Daniel 10:1-10

Daniel 10:10-21

Daniel 11:1-14

Daniel 11:15-36

Daniel 11:37-45

Daniel 12

Video Material

Dr. David Jeremiah’s Agents of Babylon

The Hostage

The Insomniac

The Colossus

The Fire Men

The Wolf-Man

The Fingers of God

The Lion King

The Conqueror

The Madman

The Herald

The Archangel

The End

A Voice From Babylon

The Bible Project