Gospel of Matthew Study Guide


Audio Study Materials. J. Vernon McGee’s Thru the Bible

Matthew Introduction
Matthew 1:1-15
Matthew 1:16-25
Matthew 2:1-11
Matthew 2;12-3:9
Matthew 3:10-4:11
Matthew 4:12-25
Matthew 5:1-5
Matthew 5:5-48
Matthew 5:42:6:34
Matthew 6:26-7:29
Matthew 5-7 Summary
Matthew 8:1-17
Matthew 8:18-9:14
Matthew 9:14-10:8
Matthew 10:9-11:6
Matthew 11:7-12:2
Matthew 12:3-13:2
Matthew 13:3-23
Matthew 13:24-43
Matthew 13:44-14:1
Matthew 14:1-36
Matthew 15
Matthew 16:1-28
Matthew 16:28-17:27
Matthew 18
Matthew 19:1-15
Matthew 19:14-20:23
Matthew 20:24-21:17
Matthew 21:18-22:14
Matthew 22:15-23:22
Matthew 23:23-24:3
Matthew 24:3-14
Matthew 24;14-32
Matthew 24:32-25:30
Matthew 25:31-26:22
Matthew 26:23-75
Matthew 27:1-50
Matthew 27:50-28:20

Print Study Materials

Notes and Outlines of Matthew by J. Vernon McGee
Introduction to Matthew by J. Vernon McGee

Video Study Materials

Recommended Texts:

Matthew for Everyone, Part One, Chapters 1-15, by N.T. Wright

Matthew for Everyone, Part Two, Chapters 16-28, by N.T. Wright

Be Loyal: Following the King of Kings by Warren Wiersbe

Matthew: The Expositor’s Bible Commentary by D.A. Carson

The Gospel of Matthew (The New International Commentary on the New Testament by R.T. France

A Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew by Craig S. Keener

Matthew: An Exegetical and Theological Exposition of Holy Scripture (The New American Commentary) by Craig L. Blomberg


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